Saturday, 31 March 2018

Winner of the My Philosophy Challenge is - A.B.Y.S.S. Tha Byssness

Back in January Scott LaRock Music Group, C75 Live, Gorilla Gear, & MJ's Hip Hop Connex announced the #MyPhilosophyChallenge. 
Entrants were asked to upload a 1 minute video of themselves rapping a verse to the 'My Philosophy' beat by B.D.P..

The winner was offered a bunch of dope prizes including 6 Blog Placements (inc,,, and,1 free mixtape placement on Spinrilla,an interview on NYC radio, and a Gorilla Gear goody bag of t-shirts/hoody/CDs!!! 

There were a number of entries including one with a very creative video, freestyles and writtens, and one that used a different beat altogether. After much deliberation the judges decided and are proud to announce the winner is.... 
A.B.Y.S.S. aka ThAbyssness

Check out  the video below to see all the entries and see if you agree:

To connect with and find out more about A.B.Y.S.S. check out her site and social media links below:
Abyss Facebook
Abyss Instagram
Abyss Soundcloud
Abyss Twitter
Abyss YouTube

and check out the sites:

C75 Live Instagram

Gorilla Gear Shop
Gorilla Gear / Official Gorilla Army Facebook
Gorilla Gear / Official Gorilla Army Instagram

Thursday, 29 March 2018


Gorilla Gear is the brainchild of D.Original Mr.Blue who is the head of music crew Gorilla Army. He recruited MC/designer Cuban Pete into the group and together they came up with a new line of merch to represent the team.

Gorilla Gear also sponsors upcoming emcee OneMike. Mike is the head of his own T.E.S.T. Squad and affiliated with C75 Live. You can catch his new single Im Bout It on iTunes HERE.

Check out OneMike rocking the OG logo hoody in his latest video below:

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


OneMike has blessed the site with exclusive 24 hour access to his new video for his single 'I'm Bout It' before it explodes webwide!

T.E.S.T. Squad leader and an integral part of the C75 Live imprint, Mike has been going hard since the release of his 'The Horse Of A Different Color' collab album.

Track produced by Nox
Video co-directed by Natrix Dream and OneMike
Cover art by   

Stream the video below and download the single on iTunes HERE 
OneMike is sponsored by Gorilla Gear and can be seen wearing the OG logo hoody in the video. 

You can purchase it HERE

Win a chance to win free Gorilla Gear including tshirts, a hoody, and CDs. 
Find out more HERE

OneMike Facebook
OneMike Bandcamp
Natrix Dream Facebook
Natrix Dream Bandcamp

Monday, 26 March 2018

SINGLE: OneMike - I'm Bout It - OUT NOW!!!!

B.H.E. CEO, T.E.S.T. Squad head, Gorilla Army and C75 Live member; OneMike 
has a new single out for download on most digital platforms.
'I'm Bout It' has Mike laying down hardknock life rhymes 
over that slow gangsta thump, produced by Nox, that is perfect
for rattling the trunk.

Artwork by

Sunday, 25 March 2018